About Us

Tom Abbate, Attorney at Law

Practice Areas:

  • Criminal Defense including Juvenile Criminal Defense
  • Appeals
  • Post-Conviction
  • Defense of Individuals where their competency or sanity may be at question

Types of Cases

  • Abuse of or Injury to a Child
  • Assault (including aggravated assault and assault-family violence)
  • Burglary
  • Capital Murder
  • Cyber Crimes
  • Evading Arrest
  • Expunctions
  • Forgery
  • Embezzlement
  • Petitions to Revoke Community Supervision
  • Possession of Controlled Substances
  • Sexual Assault (including aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault of a child, aggravated SA of a child, and continuous sexual abuse of a child)
  • Theft
  • White Collar Offenses

            In my practice, I have personally authored over one hundred briefs to the various appellate courts in Texas. These briefs have covered crimes ranging from misdemeanor DWI to capital murder. None of them has ever been less than thorough in its summation, explanation, and argumentation of the facts and the law. All of them demonstrate my understanding of the law and willingness to fight for my clients.

            I have further used this knowledge to force favorable outcomes for my clients at the trial court level as well. I have authored briefs and memorandums, directed to district courts, arguing points of law or asserting defenses such as self-defense, incompetency, and insanity, and thereby forced favorable outcomes for my clients such as a reduction in the charges, favorable probation terms, and outright dismissal of all charges.

            So while I too am committed to aggressively defending my clients, I also possess the necessary tools to make that standpoint meaningful and beneficial to the resolution of my clients’ cases.